1 Years Of Results in 70 Days Or Less
What Is 100X Immersion?
70 Days Of Intentional Focused, Consistent, Fruitful Action, In The Direction Of Your Present Assignment

Warm-Up Phase
July 8 - 16th

70-Day Sprint
July 17th - Sep 24th

100X Conference
Sept 26-28th

What's Included When 
I Sign Up For 
100X Immersion?

5+ Additional Hours Per Week Live Training and Mentoring From Pedro Adao

These sessions will be focused on market selection, offer creation, messaging, as well as Ad and Funnel Creation. These are sessions where we cover anything and everything you need from high-level strategy to the most detailed technical question. Nothing is off-limits in these sessions.

5+ Additional Hours Per Week With Coach Stephen

These again are additional hours of time where you can get your individual questions answered and get personal attention on any technical questions or issue you may be experiencing to make sure nothing holds you back from making daily progress.
100X Immersion
1 Years Of Results in 70 Days Or Less
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You're 100% Safe & Protected. Your Information Is Secured Using The World's Best Technology. The Same Technology You Would Find At Your Local Bank. 
Immersion Comes With A 100% Conditional  Money Back Guarantee

If You Take Daily Action And Follow The Steps That Will Be Outlined As Part Of The 70 Day Sprint And You Are Not 100% Completely Satisfied With Your Results...I Want You To Have Your Money Back. 

Simply Email 100XAcademy@gmail.com and request a refund and we will get that processed within 48 hours.
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